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It's Not a Date

GRADE: A. "An excellent book that turns lots of office romance tropes around and thoroughly reinvents and re-examines them."

The Good, The Bad and The Unread

"Blackmore’s background in business makes the story believable and she deftly handles the serious issues Kade and Jen face in their personal and professional lives. A delightful girl-meets-girl romance with a lot of depth and heart."

Washington Independent Review of Books

The only word to describe this book is: beautiful."

"An awesome book which we strongly recommend."

Best Lesfic Reviews

Like Jazz

Like Jazz "is a top of the line winner that grabbed me, held me, and more than entertained me from start to finish!"

Rainbow Reviews

"An excellent debut and an excellent book: well-developed, engaging characters, good plot, great setting."

Rainbow Book Awards

“I was completely captivated...”